How to decrease your sleeping time without any bad effect _


Know that our body is like a machine, the way the oil has to be put in the machine, the machine works correctly, the machine which runs on electricity requires electricity to be profiled, then if the machine is able to work then our body Even if there is a machine or not our body also needs all things, then I am going to tell you today to keep your body healthy and to overcome your sleep. It is believed that Lord Laxman, when Lord Ram went for 12 years, Lord Rama had told Laxman this posture, the story is as follows: In the mother Sita Ghore jungle, where the thieves robbers take shelter in the forest, they went there with Lord Rama and if someone could fall asleep in the night, then they could have eaten Sita or ate the thieves. There was a need for protection for the lady to take her away. Then she told Lord Rama Lakshman this posture. Laxman did not sleep, because Lakshman had to work for the protection of mother Sita, then we should also learn this posture and we should also Simple is very simple and it is effective in reducing sleep. I have done my own rule by looking at its advantages and understood that I have done this three times in my studies I would advise you that you must also do at least 3 times. Make more time in the morning, at least half an hour, and at least 1 minute in the afternoon and at least in the evening. Looking at the image, according to this image, you have to keep your two hands tight and one should keep both the legs forward but you will pay attention, so keep it, so let’s you know about this in detail also. If you read it once, then in the next post, telling the ration and its benefits.


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