Do you know what kind of good deeds do they survive?

The composition of God is very strange, in which world, all the root chetans in their existence are in their existence, those who do a lot of good deeds, and those who do bad deeds on the other side, are said to be that those who do good deeds live longer Those who do bad things do not survive for a long time but it is not that its witness is seen from our old history as you see our history Our hero, Khudiram Bose Bhagat Singh Chandrashekhar Azad Laxmibai, in the witness, etc. These people are not living for long. Have you not done this good work? These people have done very good things then we can not say that what is good We do not trust the people. Now let me also tell you that the good deeds that were done were alive for how long they lived. Mr. Ram Bose was born in 18 hundred people and he died in 1988, he survived for 19 years and at the age of 19, the heaven went to Sidh and it got his name illuminated. If we see Lakshmi Bai Lakshmi Bai It was born in 1834 and he died in 18 to 58 AD, Lakshmi Bai and his name and his name spreading abroad in the world, so that today we know the names of heroes, there are many people who Persons have to have very little Arcot died at a young age and good work we need that we do a good job so that it’s in our name in history

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