Become a Successful YouTube entrepreneur part 1 (Introduction and earning)


As we all know who used to read old old books in the old time, what they liked to read has changed, so much like watching the video?

I want to explain to you some things that it is today that YouTube became so popular because people started to lean more and more videos, and more and more people started sharing it. You go to YouTube today to listen to the song because you are heard singing in free on YouTube, you sing lots of songs which are the biggest thing you can do You can create and subscribe to your favourite channel too.

Look at YouTube in 23 first video which creates and uploads the video and uploads it on YouTube.The other one who sees the video here is the two things which is going to be seen, the video remains free and the person who is making the video creates the video, from where the matter is given to the creator, the video that produces Audio is inserted on and does not happen on it, it is made video and is watching the video.

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