Ashirwad ka mahatva

It is a very old thing that astrologer came to any village, all the people of that village started showing their astrologers in their own hands. In the same village there was a child who had no mother, she lived with her father, she also had the courage to go to astrologer. He was doing his father was refusing to go to astrologer but the child was very stubborn. Astrologer approached astrologer with his father, seeing the child's hand and seeing The astrologers go on worried. They do not speak anything, seeing the astrologer at this stage, the child's father asks astrologer what happened in the hands of my son. Astrologer is worried about the child's age only six to six months After listening to this, the child's father, holding the hand of the child, goes towards his house because the child's father knew what to do next to him, they were straight kids. He has taught financial discontent and taught him Gayatri Mantra peace lessons, and the father of the child and the child showed him that those who received the best, he must bow to them. The boy started doing the same 6 month old child born to Ayushman Bhav Yama Raj had lost his courage too. After all, Yama Raj had to go back after that Finally, Narada, who was sent to Narada, wanted to know what village he lived in, and what is the reason for his death, Narada Muni visited him in the village from a distance, the child saw the police one day away Nard ji Narad ji also blessed the child to stay in Ayurveda for touching Narada ji's foot while running on a divine man. Now the problem has arisen and the voice of the sage does not lie then in the end Narad Muni in the Universe, and the child walked behind Brahma in front of Brahma. After seeing the throne of Brahma, Brahma and Brahma and Brahma also touched their feet. Narada Muni said that Maharaj said this It is a child whom you sent me to see. I did not recognize that the child and Ayushman gave blessings to Bhavna and you too will have to come to this child as Ayushmann Bhav Given Irwad and Brahma gave Ayush child 400 years

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